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MONEY MASTERY for Purpose.

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Saturday 13th June - 11am to 2pm

Sunday 14th June - 11am to 2pm

Saturday 20th June - 11am to 2pm

Saturday 21st June - 11am to 2pm

What is MONEY MASTERY for Purpose?

It is an immersive and interactive 2 Day programme for Professional Muslims looking for any of the following:

- *Learn how to break the relationship between time and money through entreprenuership*

- Learn how to manage and grow money like the wealthy - Achieve a better work-life balance or spend more time with your family / kids - Do something more meaningful with your life - Have more time for seeking sacred knowledge and serving humanity - Find ways of owning a home without getting involved in mortgages - Earn an extra income on the side - Have a secondary income stream


Things are very difficult for Muslim Millenials when it comes to money and finance. We live in times when tuition fees, living costs, rent and house prices are at an all time high.

But we live in a time when kids are making millions having fun on YouTube. Many young digital nomads are travelling the world while working on their laptops. Countless people are quitting their jobs and starting lifestyle / passion / online businesses. 

What does it take to master the money game in 2019? How does one become wealthy? How does one escape the rat race? How does one live a life of fulfillment and freedom? How do we make time for the more important things in life?

We learnt all of the above the HARD WAY.

We want to help our talented community to stop selling their time for a salary and learn how to free themselves to work on their contribution and legacy.


This unique workshop is the culmination of many years of entrepreneurial pain in search of more time, money and freedom. We both had different journeys, but the main motivation was exactly the same.


Serial Entrepreneur and Personal Development Coach

After excelling at GCSEs and A Levels, Usman went on to study BSc Physics at the University of Manchester. He then qualified as a science teacher and pursued the teaching profession until he made an important realization. Having been involved in Da’wah work locally and internationally since the age of 17, he found it increasingly difficult to make time for his islamic activities and personal spiritual development. 

In 2013 he chose to sacrifice his teaching career in order to resume da'wah work, enhance his self development, and pursue financial freedom ad independence.  

The next 3 years were a tremendous journey experimenting various online and offline businesses whilst simultaneously doing more Da’wah work and conveying the message.

The 6 year journey in search for freedom led him to set up businesses in various sectors such as supply teaching, first aid, private tutoring, tuition agency, online marketing, business advisory and more.

The final stage of the journey was Property. Usman invested heavily in educating himself through mentors and programs on different property strategies to create passive income streams, flexibility and freedom.

Over the last 2 years Usman has implemented selected strategies and now has a 100% flexible work life-balance with no boss and multiple (active and residual) income streams from various ventures. He is now passionate to help others do the same. The new found freedom has allowed Usman to spend more time pursuing his passion of da'wah, teaching and personal development.

Over the last 5 years he has taught courses and workshops in UK and abroad on Marriage, Teaching Skills, Overcoming Habits, Time Management and Personal Growth.


Serial Social Entrepreneur and Business Coach

 After achieving straight A*s and As at GCSE and A-levels, Tanim studied BSc Economics at the London School of Economics. While at university, Tanim was the president of the LSE SU Islamic Society and worked for Deloitte, Bloomberg, UBS and Barclays. 

Having always wanted to be an entrepreneur Tanim took a gap year after graduating and started an online business, helping students and graduates succeed at job interviews and assessment centres. In a short space of 2 years, his training helped over 2000 people in 19 countries and opened his eyes to power of the internet in starting, scaling and automating a business.  

After setting up (and automating) this first venture Tanim spent 3 years learning everything he could about the world of business. He re-educated himself by learning from mentors, studying 60+ business books and working in various businesses and industries such as eCommerce, Direct Sales, Digital Marketing, Health&Nutrition, Private Education, Corporate Traning, Business Development and Consulting. 

He has a passion for harnessing the power of business for social good and has co-founded 4 businesses, all of which are focused on helping others achieve more. 3 of these businesses grew to 6-figure per annum revenue within 12-18 months.

Over the years Tanim has seen many talented people becoming trapped in the infamous "Rat Race", and observed inspired and driven young people become depressed and soul-less empty suits. Tanim is now on a mission to help talented muslims escape this trap and live a life of fulfilment, contribution and passion.

Tanim has been featured on The Times, BBC Breakfast Show, BBC Asian Network, Revive FM and multiple blogs, podcasts and events.

What you can expect to gain:

1. More clarity on your own unique an authentic legacy in the world

2. A mindset shift which will aim to take you from an Employee (working for money), to business owner (people/systems/technology work for you) to an Investor (money and assets work for you)

3. Overcoming negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs holding you back from your true potential

4. Understanding of your money blue-print and learn how Millionnaires manage and grow their money

5. Understanding the truth about Passive Investment Income and Passive Business Income

6. Understanding how to achieve true financial security and not rely on employment income only

7. Learn 3 different proven business models and strategies to start earning money on the side. This will be taught by experts already doing these strategies successfully and already teaching 100s of students to do the same

8. How to carve out more time to build a business and a better future

9. Transform the way you look at money

10. Understand how money and business are complimentary to the Islamic Faith

11. A profound vision setting exercise to help you figure out your calling and make the most of your precious life

12. An opportunity to join a community of fellow Muslim professionals wishing to embark on the same journey as you

How is MMfP different from other programs?

  • The programme has been designed for Muslim Professionals wishing to succeed in both dunya and akhirah
  • All of the concepts and business models presented are Shari'ah compliant 
  • There is no music, dancing and jumping around like the many globally renowned seminars we (begrudgingly) have had to attended in the past
  • The main objective of the programme is to help you gain clarity on your life mission, then give you the tools to free yourself up and chase your dream.
  • Our vision is to help 200 people each year, who want to make the world a better place and seek the Pleasure of their Lord.
  • We therefore have a vested interest in your success! Your success is our success.

What we will cover:

-Importance of Mindset and why it can keep us trapped

-The 13 Timeless Financial Freedom Concepts

- Active Income Vs Passive Income - understanding the difference and pros & cos

- The 2 types of Passive Income (PII and PBI)

- Importance of the Inner Game

- Exploring and Tackling your Money Personality

- Learn how the world's wealthiest manage and grow their money

- 3 Concepts to achieve more in less time

- The Power of Compunding

- How to buy a house with no mortgage

- A Personal Self-Assessment and Financial Audit

- Financial Freedom Vs Time Freedom

- How to achieve the balanced sunnah way of life

- How to figure out your Calling (what is the work that you 'cannot not do'?)

-The Legacy Pyramid (wha are the necessary steps and stages to be able to leave an authentic legacy after you're gone?)

-Your own Eulogy (what do you want to be remembered for?)

- How to build multiple streams of income

- How to leave your job in 18 months

- How to earn passive income from Property (with no large investment or mortgages)

- How to systemise and automate your business so you can focus on the next one (until you have 6 income streams)



Lawyer and Entrepreneur 

Ibrahim holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford, an ijazah in the memorisation of the Qur’an from Egypt, and an MA in Islamic Banking and Finance from Markfield Institute. 

He also graduated as an Alim (traditional Islamic scholar) under the tutelage of Shaykh Akram Nadwi. He is currently working as a funds lawyer in London at a leading international law firm. 

He co-founded which has over 30,000 readers each month.He is also the co-founder of Islamic clothing brand with over 350k fans worldwide.


Transformational Coach, Motivational, Speaker, Kickboxer

Sobiya is a career mum a Transformational Coach, educator and European Silver Medallist Kickboxer.  

 She is the CEO of Empower and Excel Coaching, has worked within the Education Sector as a Teacher for over a decade, has worked as an Executive Director of the charity Madina Institute UK and holds a Black Belt in Kickboxing.  

Sobiya trained as a kickboxer for over a decade and participated in kickboxing competitions both nationally and internationally and won silver medal for the UK at European level.



Rent to Rent Property Entrepreneur

Since founding her Rent to Rent business over 5 years ago, Katrina has built a million-pound business & property portfolio, after arriving home to the UK after a 5-year career as an award winning international Sales & Marketing Manager.  

Her primary company, Kendall Bailey, is now a hands-free Rent to Rent business and Katrina spends her spare time educating and supporting others to achieve their personal time and financial freedom goals using the Rent to Rent strategy.

She is an incredible businesswoman, trainer and human being.


Government Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Abdul has been a lawyer in the Government Legal Department for over a decade, where he serves as a Commercial and Employment Law specialist. He is also the founder and CEO of Study Buddies Education Group, which since 2011 has helped over 3000 young people in the areas of Education, Training, Mentoring and Personal Development. 

Thanks to his business, he has been able to go part-time as a lawyer and he enjoys a lot of flexibility and time with his growing young family. He also spends a lot of time on community projects such as political advocacy, youth development, community radio and sport coaching.


Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Professional Mediator and Entrepreneur

Dr Zaza is a vibrant mediator and arbitrator whose varied professional and personal background add value towards settling a wide range of disputes. She is a qualified Lawyer and Medical Doctor.

Dr Zaza writes and speaks widely on mediation as well as peacemaking within and between ethnic/faith communities in the UK. She has a particular interest in working with vulnerable people of all ages who are susceptible to radicalisation and extremism. 

Dr Zaza is a dedicated mum and an example of how to live a unique life of contribution and fulfilment. 

Watch her incredible talk here:


Scholar and Founder of Dar Al-Arqam

Shaykh Abu Ubaid spent more than a decade studying abroad in Bangladesh, Egypt and Mauritania under several leaders and scholars such as 'Allamah Muhammad Mahfudh Shinqiti, Shaykh Ahmad Kuree Shinqiti, Shaykh Mustafa Abdur Rahman, Shaykh Adil Abdul Ghafur, Shaykh Muhammad Yusri, and other noble leaders and scholars. 

He teaches regular classes where he recently covered Islamic Economics, Entrepreneurship and Islamic Investing.

The Shaykh is the Founder and Dean of Studies at the Institute, Dar Al-Arqam in London UK, where he is also the lead instructor for many of its courses. He is also a Khateeb, board member and consultant to a number of organisations and businesses.

Watch his profound and spiritually uplifting talk here:


  • Some sort of Newtork Marketing trap or Pyramid scheme nonesense
  • Some sort of dodgy muslim entreprenurs ponzy scheme (no names mentioned 🤐!)
  • Some sort of airy fairy workshop trying to sell you a fake dream


  • Individuals looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Individuals who are not willing to learn with a open mind
  • Individuals who are not interested in changing their mindset
  • Individuals who are lazy and never take sufficient action towards their goas,
  • Individuals who have no big aim in life. 
  • Individuals who don't care about their afterlife


"Life changing, My mindset has changed. Lessons taken is that nothing is impossible. I've got all the motivation, courage and support in this event and afterwards. I would recommend anybody who wants to achieve something in their life, they have to go somewhere so why not attend a Golden touch program to take the small step to achieve their goal"

Nizam A. , Gas Auditor, Glasgow

"Highly informative seminar contextualised with islamic principals e.g. the prohibition of usury in our financial dealings. The networking alone is of great value and the contents are robust, relevant and can make you money. This is something special and I hope to send you an updated testimonial in 2020 to reflect my experiences with you guys."

Shakir M. , Engineer, London

" I found the workshop informative and I'm glad I attended. I walked away with practical tips and resources on budgeting and generating passive income that I'm sure will be beneficial for me as I start my career. I particularly loved hearing from the guest speakers and they bought a different perspective to the workshop. The team did a good job of making the sessions interactive and it was good to network and brainstorm with the other attendees."

Mahmoudat S. , Blogger, London

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We're confident that you'll find Money Mastery for Purpose valuable, eye-opening and life changing.


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